I was born and raised in Mississippi then came to Beverly Hills via New Orleans in 1997. After building a well respected interior design and art atelier, I found the man of my dreams. We have a little boy and live together in one of the style capitals of the world. My interior design career brought me an exciting life designing custom interiors from the West Hills to the Platinum Triangle, but I now most love to paint and write. I founded BeverlyHillsMom.com in 2007 to write about interior design, but found I really enjoyed writing about what it’s like to live and raise a child in a city I grew up watching on television. Since then I’ve been an advocate for children’s programming and books, absorbing and writing for a decade of the excellence of PBS Kids, Disney Channel, Disney Hyperion, Netflix, and Sprout.

Bearing witness to the educational impact by those who produce all this wonderful children’s entertainment, I joyfully created a series of paintings that has evolved into books about my beloved dog Louis XIV. I now have immersed myself in the business of writing and illustrating these books, including membership in the Los Angeles Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (aka SCBWI), attending webinars on picture book writing, and searching for a fantastic literary agent.

I am devoted to making the adventures of the Lou visually rich with iconic design elements woven into the stories about the funny little American dog with a French name, living in Beverly Hills with his Ladymom who makes things pretty and takes him wherever she goes. Book One introduces Louis XIV of Beverly Hills and his neurotically perfect lifestyle until one day Ladymom takes him to the country where he learns to live like a regular ol’ dog, just like his new friend Big Chef. I’ve devised books two and three and can’t wait to bring the pieces together.

Please visit Louis XIV of Beverly Hills to learn more about the real Louis, view a video of Ladymom (aka me) reading the story from a giant copy of the book with larger images, and link to the new Fun.Fine.Art. boutique.