I don’t know if everyone is like this, but lately I am heavily reflecting upon how I spent the pandemic.

Making Art.

In between washing my groceries and looking for paper towels, then running down roof repair contractors.


With all that reflection, today I give you ART ALL YEAR

From March 2020 to June 2021, in my Bay Saint Louis garage (now fully equipped artist’s studio), I created two dozen or so original pieces of art on canvas titled Indigenous Ephemera . My best coping mechanism has always to use my creativity, so I was humbled and encouraged by the response to the work during this fearful and uncertain time. I went through the pandemic and two hurricanes communicating online with fellow creatives, art enthusiasts, artists, designers, and gallerists, and the community vibe was always “stay positive”. For that I am so grateful.


From my desk in Beverly Hills, I have been thinking of how I might commemorate that time, and ultimately I want the the art to be the memory. For this, I humbly offer the FIRST limited edition art print subscription, available NOW until March 1st, 2022 or until all fifty of the edition are sold, whichever comes first. The favorites were evident to me by collectors, comments and kind words sent in private messages. Taking my four most popular works, I have selected a “moment” from each one and worked with my fine art printer to deliver luxe 8″ x 10″ prints on very fine 11″ x 14″ art paper. The first of the four art unboxing experiences will be sent to your be-gifted the first week of December (it’s okay if your be-gifted is YOU), and three more will be delivered as the seasons change. Every element of this offering has been designed with heart, hand, and the love of art and luxe.

The first delivery is a moment from Dragonflies on Banana Leaf I. In March, July, and October of 2022, the print selection will be a surprise! Shop before December 6th to save $50 and get free shipping!


Well, hello.

This is the first official entry into my artist’s diary. Over the last two years I’ve been tweaking my artist’s site as I have morphed my business from interior design to fine art, but I’ve always continued to write as my alter ego the Beverly Hills Mom . I LOVED riding the wave of the pre Instagram mommybloggers and I feel like it was a very important time in the world for mothers. It was the first time mothers’ word of mouth had channels to reach around the world to really share ALL the information we wish we never knew.  

The point of this post (because I digress a lot, as you’ll see) is to mark the milestone of beginning to write not as a an interior designer who is an artist or a blogger who decorates or any of those titles. I am an artist, and this is the time in my life that I focus on that. There has been SO much inspiration and growth that happened because Beverly Hills Mom did he hustle to get out there and try the life changing experiences and absorb every moment of access to amazing talents and creative minds. She gave me a unique perspective to keep writing down my artist’s story. 

At the Conversations with Coca Cola blogger conference, a truly enlightening experience. Here I am explaining my vision for myself in coming years. It was pretty right on!
2012 photo by  PWP Studio

At the 2012 Conversations with Coca Cola blogger conference, a truly enlightening experience as a result of my first blog. Here I am explaining my vision for myself in coming years. It was pretty right on!