In this post covid life, I am finding that we are finally settling into the routine I envisioned we’d have before the pandemic. Long holiday and summer in the Bay, and we spend the school year in Beverly Hills. My art practice is evolving in such a way that I’m seeing that my plans for 2020 seem to finally be happening in 2022 – I feel like my energy level is going up; I don’t know if it’s because things are livening up all around me, or I’m feeling more confident about how I make the art and systems I’ve set in place to bring it to you. I actually like all the parts of this enterprise, the art primarily, but I love loading the new things into the shop or my original art portfolio and it’s all easier now – there’s a flow. I am learning much about why it’s called a practice.


I let a lot of good vibes flow into the work you see in the photos above – the first of a collection of small works on canvas that I’ve been making to satisfy requests of collectors to do more small pieces. After all the giant artwork I have room to do in the bay, it’s been great to be able to conceive and execute what I’m calling Petite Originals pieces so quickly. I’m just going to keep doing these until Christmas, when I go back to the bay and (attempt to) finish the three large pieces that will launch Cocktails, Candy and Cannabis, an idea I’ve been developing since July. I have really enjoyed choosing iconic crystal and candy images to inspire me, and searching for cannabis leaves to emboss always leads to an LA adventure.

I created my first entry into a juried event that’s part of a great festival on the Gulf Coast, but since it’s a blind jury I don’t want to get disqualified by sharing photos, heh. Let’s just say that once the judging is over, y’all can finally see what I did with the new corinthian column stencils I was working on at the beginning of the month. It was a great exercise for me, as I love being given a design/ artistic challenge, and this festival contest had a size, media, preparation, and theme parameters, and I made a big effort to get the piece finished, get it shipped out in time for the entry deadline, and got a lot of help from all my Coast peeps. Fingers crossed that I’ll place in the show. I’ll try to have spies out to see what’s happening at the festival and will share as soon as I know. 

Last but not least, part of finding the flow has been discovering that I miss being BeverlyHillsMom occasionally. Since I’m going out and about more lately, doing more networking with art and design friends, I wanted a place to put the fun photos and stories that I’m not posting on Alexandra90210 site and social media, so I just whipped up a new insta account, and am in the process of making a new BeverlyHillsMom site which is more congruous with my much lower profile and less family friendly life. It also has super updated software, which makes the whole proposition much easier. The old blog will be an archive and soon will be a whole new site for those items that I want to share like a mother.