My work is inspired and primarily influenced by my childhood on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and my perception of beauty from what I saw on television. I was raised fishing and crabbing on a bayou and spent long days sailing and swimming on the beach at the yacht club. I thrilled at being able to go to the iconically deco / atomic age Broadwater Beach Hotel along with our frequent day trips to  New Orleans. These directly informed my artistic / decorative style and perceptions of luxury and glamour.  Living in a city that I grew up watching on television, I now not only see through the eyes of that child, but also with the education and experience of twenty years of interior design plus a decade of writing about it.

I’ve always looked at life through the lens of a designer, and I use all the elements of interior design in my paintings. If I’m in the midst of creating a piece of art, it’s usually because I saw a something somewhere that my design mind fixated on and I just-have-to-do-something-about-it. I have several evolving projects that I love to share that include my original fine art, interior design accessories, children’s books, a Fun Fine Art gallery canvas shop.  I happily divide my time between Beverly Hills and  Bay St. Louis,  which are aka “the ‘hood” and “the Bay”.